Obsolescence Support

Since more than 30 years Quintenz Hybridtechnik solves obsolescence problems for industrial and military customers.
Extremely rugged hybrid technology in high quality, hermetically sealed packages enables the continuance of units, designs and production flows where highest reliability and lifetime matters. Even in smallest series, even with 15 years warranty of delivery.


Osolescence Support

Circuit Development:

  • Department for circuit development, specialized on analog circuitry
  • RF & microwave, high voltage, low noise and precision circuitry
  • Reverse engineering and functionally identical reproduction of obsolete integrated circuits, modules or assemblies as hybrids
  • Proprietary products like precision OCXOs or high performance amplifier


  • Thinfilm technology on ceramics, glass or sapphire
  • Thickfilm technology
  • Thin- and thick-wire bonding 
  • Quality Control to MIL-STD883F


  • Packaging in hermetically sealed metal packages
  • TO standard cases, packages for power electronics etc. 
  • Seam welding 
  • Ringbulge welding 
  • Ceramic packages 
  • Design of customer specific packages